The origin of sin and the presence of evil in this universe is the most intriguing question that will sooner or later be encountered by every student of theology. Since ages, many scholars and theologians have tried to answer this question, but those explanations have only led the students into more confusion and left them with more questions. This book clearly stands apart and above all other books which attempted to solve the mystery of the origin of sin. This book gives you an ultimate answer and explanation regarding the origin and presence of evil in the universe, which is created and ruled by a God who is absolutely good and supremely powerful. Without the fear of any contradiction, it can be said that the seasonal, logical and scriptural explanation to the mystery of the origin of evil can never be found in any other book written in any language anywhere in this world. This book is unique and a must read for every person who wants to know the cause and solution for evil.


The Story of Lucifer!
The Foolishness of God
Before the Beginning!
The Law of Relativity
The Darkness That Was Foolish!
“The Darkness”
The Uncreated First Existence in the Cosmos
The Semi-Living, Semi-Individual Existence
God’s Twin Brother?
The First Problem of the Universe
The First Need of the Universe
The Weakness of God and Its Strength
The Origin of Sin
The Eternal Son of God
An Intelligent Mistake!
The Omniscience of God’s Silence
The Fall of Lucifer
The Beginning of Deception
The Proof of God’s Justice and Honesty
“When Sin is Full Grown, It Brings Forth Death”
The Love That Was Wounded!
What Next?
Appendix 1: Are We Believing In Zoroastrianism?
Some Important Lessons Angels Must Learn!
Appendix 2: How Long Did Adam and Eve Live In Eden?
Appendix 3: Can We Ascribe the Unbeginning Existence to a Force Other Than God?

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