Why should we pray for our needs?

Doesn't the practice of prayer go against the concept of an omniscient and compassionate God? If God knows everything why should we tell Him our needs? The mind of every intelligent devotee will raise this question sooner or later. If God is all knowing , He should know the personal needs of His children. If He is a loving Father, He will definitely meet the needs of His children. A father who knows the needs of his children and yet delays in meeting them cannot be a loving father. He should either be a weak God or an unloving Father if He doesn't meet our needs immediately even before we ask Him. Without exception every Godly person will have to face this riddle in his life.

The Bible clearly tells us that God is not the absolute ruler of this planet right now. God is the king of the whole universe but there is another strong evil force called the god of this age. This planet is handed over to satan quite legally! In the beginning of the creation Adam was the rightful ruler of this world. Adam voluntarily handed over his crown and throne to satan when he chose to obey satan and disobey God. From then satan became the god of this world. The present situation is such that God cannot interfere directly in the affairs of this world. He needs a legal and logical basis to do so. That is the reason God wants us to pray for everything.

If God interferes in the affairs of this world, satan can and will question God "why are you encroaching into my territory?" But when we pray and God comes down to answer, satan cannot object or challenge it. Even if he does God says ' though this world temporarily belongs to you, I have a right to interfere in this world. The people supposed to be the citizens of your kingdom have appealed to me and invited me to interfere. If this is your kingdom, the people should not have invited me to come and help them. As the maker and the Lord of the whole universe, I have a responsibility to respond to every person when he calls upon me. So I have come to work on this planet'. So our prayers provide God a legal basis to work in this world. That is the reason our prayers are very important. We don't pray because God doesn't know our needs. We pray so that we can provide a legal basis for Him to come down. 

Where did Cain get his wife?

Adam and Eve were the first human couple on the earth according to the Bible and Cain their firstborn. There was no other human family on earth to whom Adam could go and bring a wife for Cain. Every student of the Bible will be confronted by this question. Moreover Acts 17:26 rules out the possibility of the presence of another human family besides Adam’s. The answer is very simple. Genesis 5:4 tells us that Adam had many more sons and daughters. Since there was no second human family on earth, it goes logically that Cain married his own sister, a daughter of Adam and Eve. At first the questioner finds it difficult to accept this concept. But Abraham who lived 2000yrs later married his own half sister Sarah. They were children of the same father born of different mothers. (Genesis 20:12). If Abraham married his half sister many generations later, it is little wonder that Cain married his own sister in the beginning of the human race. Leviticus 18:9,24 tell us that Canaanites too married their own sisters. So we are left with only one possibility that Cain married his own sister.


According to science the age of the earth is few millions of years while Bible says its only 6000 years! Is Bible unscientific?

The Bible is not unscientific and all true proven science proves Bible to be right. If any statement of the science contradicts the Bible, the Bible is still right and the so called science is just a hypothesis. Coming to our question, the Bible nowhere tells us the age of the planet earth as 6000 years. The 6000years is the age of Adamic human race. Adam was created 6000 years ago but the earth was created millions of years earlier. There is millions of years of gap between Genesis 1st verse and the 2nd. Genesis 1:1 tells us “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Isaiah 45:18 tells us “He did not create it to be empty but formed it to be inhabited”. But again Genesis 1:2 tells us "the earth was formless and empty”. So we understand that the earth was originally formed fit to be inhabited. We do not know how long that glorious dispensation continued. It could be many millions of years. Then suddenly something happened which caused a great flood to destroy the then world. The earth remained in that chaotic condition for many thousands of years. Then God came down to re-create or to restore the earth back to its beauty. This happened several thousand years before Adam was created. Even the six days of creation recorded in Genesis are not 24hr days but are actually geological ages. After all that history, in the latest geological age God created Adam from the dust of the ground. Before the creation of Adam there were several geological ages on the restored earth. Even before that many dispensations occurred in the original creation before the first flood came. So science is agreeing with the Holy Bible that the earth is millions of years old but human race is only 6000years old. We know nothing of the earlier dispensations.


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