We carry a special vision to educate and equip today’s church with Scripture and sound doctrine. Though it’s the inexorable responsibility of every Christian to have a clear understanding of the Apostolic Teachings of the Bible, the Church of God today is in total confusion. Lord Jesus takes no delight in confusion. Rev 2:20 says, "I have this against you" to the church at Thyatira which had all the good qualities like love, patience and faithfulness. Today’s Christian may boast of a satisfied spiritual life, involvement in evangelism, of being a Good Samaritan, but the Lord has "this against you" as long as "you tolerate that woman Jezebel"'. Jezebel was responsible for bringing in confusion among Israelites during Ahab’s reign. She’s dead now but the evil spirit which worked through her is very much active in the present day Church causing confusion and disunity among God's children.

Our vision is to remove the doctrinal confusion from the Church of God so that unity in Church is restored as it was in the first century.

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Quote of the Day

"Any faith that must be supported by the evidence of the senses is not real faith."
A. W.Tozer

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