Apostle Ophir, being a voracious reader, finished studying the Bible 120 times, the Vedas over 40 times and the Quran more than 20 times. His insatiable hunger for knowledge made him read more than 1000 volumes of books from all kinds you find in the present day literature. Apostle Ranjith Ophir has been a part of many debates and has given many sermons amidst Hindu Scholars, Buddhist Monks, Jain Intellectuals and Islam friends. His recent work – Haindava Kristhavam (Hindu Christianity) is receiving rave reviews from many Hindus who, through this book have found Christ as the Only God of this universe. This remarkable book brings to light, an enormous treasure trove of revelation of Christ that’s hidden in these classic Hindu Scriptures. Establishing the Divinity of Christ by quoting Vedas is laurelled by the spiritually enlightened.

This book proves that all the Hindu Mythology is nothing but an allegorical presentation of the true Gospel of Christ and as such there’s no real contradiction between Hinduism and Christianity. While offering a reasonable explanation to all the mythological stories of Hinduism paying due respects to the ancient Hindu religion, Apostle Ophir uncompromisingly proves and establishes that Christ in fact is the one and only Savior of mankind. This is in perfect agreement with the Pauline policy announced in Acts 17:23, “Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.”. We believe that this book will convince every Indian and even every genuine seeker of truth from all over the world that Jesus is the true Way of Salvation.

We also engage ourselves in friendly debates, open discussions, Q&A sessions with students on all the topics that are prevailing in the minds of the Thinker and the Atheist. We praise God that He has enabled us to answer any sort of question that arises in the human mind. If it is pro-Bible, or if it questions God’s moral responsibility, we are ready to gear ourselves up and our Lead Pastor Ranjith will be answering all those questions. (Please see Ask Pastor Ranjith)

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"Any faith that must be supported by the evidence of the senses is not real faith."
A. W.Tozer

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